Study Guide for Az-203 – Azure Developer Associate

I recently came across a post from Isaac Levin which helped me pass the exam.

Here are other resources I found very helpful while doing my study:

Question types I encountered

  • Multiple Choice
  • Arrange Code blocks in right order
  • Complete code snippets
  • Answer `Yes` or `No` for a solutions they suggest. whether it’s sufficient or not for the given scenario.

Start of the exam was a case study , middle were single questions and ended with another case study.

Some Tips:

  • Do a system test from Pearson before exam day. I had some connectivity issues before starting the exam and had to try several time before starting the actual exam.
  • Take a look at this link from pearsonvue.
  • You can’t take any food or water during exam so be well prepared.
  • If you are having WiFi connectivity issues , try mobile hotspot. It saved me.
  • Don’t buy those brain dumps from any sites. Take a look at this question from their FAQ.

2 thoughts on “Study Guide for Az-203 – Azure Developer Associate

  1. How long did you prepare for this exam? It would be nice for me to hear how long other students needed for that exam.

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