MultiPicBox control [With SlidShow]

Once i was working with the Microsoft’s PictureBox control. I noticed the each time i want to change the image i will have to create an Image object and Load my Image into and Assign it to PictureBox . And if i want to see the old pic (before assigning to new) i will have to again do the same.

So i thought why not make a control which support Multiple Pictures and a Slidshow Option..(with interval option).

Here are some pics of  the Control:


AutoPreview               : Will automatically start the slideshow if enabled.
AutoResizeImages     : will automatically fit images to picture box if enabled.
ImageLimit                 : How many images should be there in control.
ImagesArrary             : Arrary of images to be displayed.
Interval                       : the interval time for the slidshow

Download Control:

See it Live:


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