Make Recipe bot smarter and do some small talks

In my previous post, we integrated the recipe BOT with Telegram. At the moment, the BOT is limited to only few Food Items. What if we wanted the BOT to learn by itself that an item is a food item. After all, it is supposed to be an AI.

For this purpose, API.AI provides an option called “Allow automated expansion” for its entities. Enabling this will allow BOT to learn new food items.

Enable Automated Expansion for out FoodItem entity

Go to Entities -> FoodItem. ¬†You will see a checkbox on top that says: “Allow automated expansion”, Check it.

Now, out BOT is more intelligent.

Before, Automated Expansion:

After, Automated Expansion:

Cool! right? And we didn’t even have to add “Tamago Yaki” as a Food Item in FoodItem entity. Bot learned by itself.

But, it would be cooler if the bot could do some basic small talk, right? Well, provides Smalltalk feature for its agent out the box. We just need to enable it.

You can find “Small Talk” option on the left navigation menu. Select it and enable this feature.

Before enabling small talk:

After enabling small talk:

Awesome, right?


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