Azure REST API: Getting list of all Storage Accounts

We will need a token to run this request. You can follow my previous post to learn how to get a token.

Once the token is acquired, it will be a GET request.


Replace {{subscriptionId}} with your subId.

And added an “Authorization” header with value “Bearer {{bearerToken}}“, replacing¬†{{bearerToken}}¬†with your acquired token.

The response will be a JSON containing a list of all the resource groups in the subscription.


    "value": [
            "sku": {
                "name": "Standard_LRS",
                "tier": "Standard"
            "kind": "Storage",
            "id": "/subscriptions/yoursub/resourceGroups/yourresourcegroup/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/yourstoragename",
            "name": "yourstoragename",
            "type": "Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts",
            "location": "southeastasia",
            "tags": {},
            "properties": {
                "networkAcls": {
                    "bypass": "AzureServices",
                    "virtualNetworkRules": [],
                    "ipRules": [],
                    "defaultAction": "Allow"
                "trustedDirectories": [
                "supportsHttpsTrafficOnly": false,
                "encryption": {
                    "services": {
                        "file": {
                            "enabled": true,
                            "lastEnabledTime": "2018-05-29T06:01:13.8618426Z"
                        "blob": {
                            "enabled": true,
                            "lastEnabledTime": "2018-05-29T06:01:13.8618426Z"
                    "keySource": "Microsoft.Storage"
                "provisioningState": "Succeeded",
                "creationTime": "2018-05-29T06:01:13.8149620Z",
                "primaryEndpoints": {
                    "blob": "",
                    "queue": "",
                    "table": "",
                    "file": ""
                "primaryLocation": "southeastasia",
                "statusOfPrimary": "available"

PS: I will soon be uploading a postman collection.


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